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Luxury for Lids™
Eyeshadow Duo

An ultra-soft, eyeshadow formula applies effortlessly for stay-true color that resists fading or creasing.

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Longwearing formula resists fading and creasing
Super velvety texture applies smoothly, blends evenly
High impact, stay-true color
Expert color pairings offering multiple looks in one duo
Ophthalmologist tested
16 duos (32 shades)

Shade Selector

Afternoon Tea$shadenameAfternoon Tea

Good 'N' Evil$shadenameGood 'N' Evil

Smokey Velvet$shadenameSmokey Velvet
Afternoon Tea Good 'N' Evil Smokey Velvet

Double Cream$shadenameDouble Cream

Plum Perfection$shadenamePlum Perfection

Golden Delight$shadenameGolden Delight
Double Cream Plum Perfection Golden Delight

Stone Beige$shadenameStone Beige

Vintage Rose$shadenameVintage Rose

Honey 'N' Spice$shadenameHoney 'N' Spice
Stone Beige Vintage Rose Honey 'N' Spice

Sunny Honey$shadenameSunny Honey

Golden Pinks$shadenameGolden Pinks

Antique Lilac$shadenameAntique Lilac
Sunny Honey Golden Pinks Antique Lilac

Duo Berry$shadenameDuo Berry

Evening Attire$shadenameEvening Attire

Gilded Violets$shadenameGilded Violets
Duo Berry Evening Attire Gilded Violets

Champagne Toast$shadenameChampagne Toast

Enchanted Garden$shadenameEnchanted Garden

Memphis Blues$shadenameMemphis Blues
Champagne Toast Enchanted Garden Memphis Blues

Celestial Nights$shadenameCelestial Nights

Purple Haze$shadenamePurple Haze

Central Park$shadenameCentral Park
Celestial Nights Purple Haze Central Park

Bohemian Beauty$shadenameBohemian Beauty

Daily Double$shadenameDaily Double

Bohemian Beauty Daily Double

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work for you?
Click here to find out.

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